About Us

The hottest new club in town.

The Salton Sea Triathlon Club was created to promote triathlon in the Coachella Valley and Southern California community–while fostering a sense of camaraderie, fun, and a healthy lifestyle. We're a team but more importantly, we're a family. We welcome any level of experience, whether you're setting your sights on your first-ever race or you're a seasoned athlete. 

We'll provide opportunities to meet fellow athletes and find training buddies through social networks and weekly group training events. Our Sunday morning (Runday Mornings) group trail runs are the best!

Together we're building an extensive support network. 

Strength in numbers has never been truer in a sport with so many working parts. As we grow and pool our talents and abilities, we boost each other up and give back to our community and our sport. 

Our club sponsors are unbeatable! 

With year long member incentives and huge discounts at a range of exceptional local companies like a local racing-centric bike shop, gyms large and small, as well as world class triathlon brands like ROKA and TriSports.com. The savings is HUUUGE!

Competing isn't cheap... we'd like to help.

We are constantly working with race owners and directors to arrange member exclusive discounts on race entry fees. In addition we are partnering with sponsors to host events like bike fitting clinics and group physiology testing. As well as coached group training sessions and workshops. Because, hey we're all in this together.

Competing isn't easy... let's help with that too!

With club support out in force at local events in the valley and throughout California, there is great relief in knowing that your team is there to help. Whether it be mechanical assistance, helping with forgotten gear, or just some good old fashioned team cheering to get you going, it's good to be in the club!


  • ROKA Sports
  • TriSports.com
  • INFINIT Nutrition 
  • Wattie Ink
  • Max Performance Bike Fit
  • Bikeman Cycling Shop 
  • The Trainer Connection 
  • Prokinetik Sports Chiropractic 
  • IW Coffee
  • World Gym
  • Avocado Organic
  • Oxigen Cycling Apparel
  • Sky Valley Resort
  • Desert Tradition Pool Maintenance 

Board of Directors

Nate Mach


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Lori Rudy

Vice President

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Matthew Bristow


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Alex Napier


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Stephen Kukta

Alan Ascensio

Haley Clawson